Travel practicalities

Have a question about travel? Ask away, and I’ll do what I can to help, either by writing up a new article or responding directly.  Here’s what I’ve written already, either in response to a question or as I struggled to figure something out.

  • For USA Today, packing essentials: Top 10 necessities when traveling.
  • The essential steps for travel planning (for Passport Health). I hate travel planning, so I’ve boiled it down to just the essentials. My top tips, including how to save money with the Global ATM Alliance, critical info you need in advance, packing tips, and special advice for Canadians too.
  • Should I travel after a terrorist attack? My analysis of the real risks and the key questions I’ve asked myself three times before deciding NOT to cancel trips to NYC, Paris and Tunis following attacks.

Independent travel, transportation and logistics

Travelling respectfully (responsible/sustainable travel20140124-175542.jpg

Health and safety  


Photo tips

The nomadic life



Have a question I haven’t answered? Feel free to ask it!


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