Finding your passion for the new year: Live Your Legend

Find your passion.

I did. And then I made it my life.

I’ve been hinting at my “Lemons to Lemon Pie” story lately. The short version: a burnout at a job that was prestigious, but was compromising my values —> retired at age 43 and travelling full time (and often staying at luxury hotels for free!).

Many people are asking how I went from then to now. And many people are asking how to make their passion become their work and everyday life too. Even more so with new year’s resolutions upon us!

I stumbled upon the Live Your Legend international community here in Chiang Mai. I think it is exactly what many of us need to actually make the changes we want to make in our lives.

Check out founder Scott Dinsmore’s TED Talk on “how to find and do the work you love”:

Nice ideas, but how do you make it real, right?

Well, how about this: go to a meet-up, and talk with and gain support from people like you.

On January 7 there will be 180 Live Your Legend LOCAL meet-ups in 44 countries around the world. The goal is to get people thinking about and acting on the “crazy” ideas of the things they’ve always wanted to do and to make a difference in the world. And to have a support network to encourage and hold us accountable.

Click HERE to find a group near you.

This is all you have to do: “show up (bring a guest too!), be who you are, share what matters to you, be willing to support and encourage others and make some genuine connections …. The rest will take care of itself!”

Is there stuff to buy? Sure, the website has books and courses and stuff. But there’s lots of really good free stuff too. You don’t have buy anything.

The January 7 meet-up is about sharing your ideas of how you want to change your career and your life, not about selling to you.

There is a nominal ticket fee, this is to help make sure people who attend are committed (and to plan for numbers). The ticket revenue is reinvested back into the event, and any additional revenue will be donated to the child-centered charity Impossible2Possible.

So, check it out!

For those of you in Chiang Mai, Thailand like me, here are our local deets:

7:00 – 10:00 pm, Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sangdee Gallery & Café (2nd floor) (snacks & a full bar!)
Sirimankhalajarn Soi 5 (near Nimmaanhaemin and Huay Kaew Roads, near the NW corner of the old city)


Cost: pay what you can or $6.27 US (yes, you need to book in advance, ; no money will be taken at the door)

If you’re on Meet Up, here’s the link:


9 responses to “Finding your passion for the new year: Live Your Legend

  1. Wonderful post dear…I am new here and I feel like I have found a friend! I am on the verge of breaking here in my job and i feel burnt out and tired, utterly tired of all of this. But everyone keeps telling me not to leave it and do something else since my job in govt job and pays well. >.< I am so tired. Your blog felt good. thanks :)

    Liked by 1 person

      • :) Thanks a lot… Your articles have really helped me. I found them to be true, all the points and I am on my way to a good recovery :)

        Hugz you back.


    • Hello! I will be back in Vancouver in late March (for a little while anyway).
      Looking forward to meeting you!


  2. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing this. It goes very well with my New Year resolutions and the post I’m writing. I hope to met you there ;)


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