Global guide to public displays of affection



One of Alice Clair’s illustrations for A global guide to public displays of affection

I love to observe the similarities and differences between cultures when I travel. And with PDA – public displays of affection — there are huge differences!

Published today is A global guide to public displays of affection, in TERN magazine.

Prefer to read it in French? No problem, it’s been translated: Guide international des  démonstrations d’affection en publique.

I’m thrilled that Alice Clair illustrated this article. I especially love her drawing of the smooching couple hiding behind the umbrella. Alice also illustrated my Montecristo Magazine article about Top 10 cheeses to eat before you die. Check out more of Alice’s portfolio at — you’ll want to see her drawings for Nuvo magazine’s An illustrated guide to Canadian desserts!  


Don’t mind us while you’re drinking your coffee! Coffee shop, Buenos Aires, Argentina

What unusual PDA have you witnessed when travelling? 

What do you think? Your comments are most welcome.

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