North America



Home.  No matter how much I travel, I’ll always consider Canada home.

I’ve lived in several cities — Vancouver, Ottawa, Kingston and Edmonton — and visit friends and family in many more.  This country is so vast and each corner is so different from the next.  I’ve not yet been to all of it — only nine of the ten provinces (I’m missing Newfoundland, which many say is the most unique Canadian province) and only one of three territories (Yukon, not Nunavut or the Northwest Territories).  I have been above the Arctic circle though!

See the Canada page for articles about Edmonton, Alberta; the BC wilderness; Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia; Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario and more; as well as multi-city articles about doughnuts, cocktails and other such things.



It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything other than Mexico City’s airport in our neighbour to the far south, but that will change in November 2017 when I’ll go to the Riviera Maya and stay at the Grand Residences by Royal Resorts.

My most recent trip was just through Mexico City’s airport, but if you have a long layover there, there are things you need to know: How to survive a long layover in Mexico City’s airport.

All writing links are on the Mexico page.


The list of cities I’ve covered is growing every month ….. check out the USA page for all the articles. Plus there are lots of restaurant recommendations from travel writers in The Globavore Interviews.


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