The Globavore Interviews

Travel and food, food and travel.  You know I love it, I assume you love it too or you wouldn’t be reading this.

So what do other people think about it?

Eating Italian in Indonesia, why not?!

Eating Italian in Indonesia, why not?!

I’ve asked a number of writers who are passionate about both food and travel to share their views with us. Welcome to the world, Globavore Interviews — 20 questions I made up, but modelled after the Proust questionnaire (’cause, you know, we’re writers!).

Here I hope you’ll find some travel and eating inspiration, plus some new fab writers to follow on their websites and on social media.

Would you like to be featured in the Globavore Interviews? Get in touch with me via social media or via my contact info.

The ever-evolving list of Globavore Interviewees:

21. Rachel Leff from tells us about LA, Kyoto, Montreal and other delicious locations, plus has some of the best advice for ordering mixed grill I’ve ever heard.

20. Ruksana Hussain, a writer now based in Los Angeles, has advice from all over the world, plus an unusual recipe for scrambled eggs.

19. Guidebook author and travel writer Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey has lived in seven different countries and has lots of in-depth food advice.

18. Art historian, writer and founder of Feast on History and Arthur Avenue Food Tours Danielle Oteri brings us to New York, Italy and beyond.

17. Zara Quiroga, author of Lisbon in 100 Bites, talks food around the world in her Globavore Interview. Read more of her writing on her website Backpack ME.

16. Writer Brianne Miers tells us about restaurants and markets she loves as a vegetarian. Her website, A Traveling Life, is about balancing travel with professional life. 

15. Cookbook and novel author Monica Bhide is our next Globavore Interview. Monica’s latest novel is Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken. Links to all her books and writing is at

14. Johnny Jet, from, has contributed a Globavore Interview. His answers are short and sweet, as you might expect from a guy who travels 150,000 miles every year. Oh, his comment about eating live grub worms in New Zealand is far from sweet though….

13. Stephanie Cohn, who has a dream job working in Chile with a travel tech startup LocalAventura, has a sweet tooth perhaps worse than my own. She describes lots of delicious in her Globavore Interview!

12. Allan Karl, author of “FORKS: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection”, tells us about the food and travels that inspired is beautiful coffee table book. I bet he’ll inspire you too. Check him out on

11. Our next interview is with Hilary Duff, with whom I pursued both the best fried chicken ever and a very elusive magazine story subject (yup, I’ll tell that tale at some point) in Pingyao, China. Hilary is a freelance writer and photographer once based in Ottawa and now in Tanzania. In her Globavore Interview she reveals great places to eat in Ottawa, why you should eat street food, and tempts with some cool things I very much want to eat. Read more of Hilary’s writing at Hilary Makes.

10. Travel writer Rebecca Holland of intrigues me with a description of a Yemeni restaurant and gives great culinary travel advice for Thailand, Chicago and Rome. Start drooling now ….

9. Do you worry about travelling with dietary restrictions? Danielle Corcione ( has done it in southern India, the Czech Republic, and all over the U.S. She also has great resto recs for the Jersey Shore and Brooklyn.

8. Coral Sisk from The Curious Appetite, who leads culinary and wine tours in Florence and Tuscany

7. Writer Naomi Kaye Honova is my next Globavore Interview.  As an American living in Europe, she’s come across plenty of weird things to eat and tells us about them in Q.5 and Q.8. Going to San Francisco? She’s got lots to recommend in Q.13. just-go-1 - Copy

6. Gabrielle Yetter is my sixth Globavore Interview. I think she might be my sister too, we have so much in common! Let’s just hope I can follow in her footsteps and publish a book too.  She and her husband Skip are the authors of Just Go! Leave the Treadmill for a World of Adventure, which pretty much sums up the life I’m leading now. Check out her delicious food writing (though — warning — her descriptions for Q.8 might just be a little too vivid….). And if you aspire to a life of adventure, pick up her book too.

5. Like Asian food? So does Georgia Freedman, and she knows a lot about it, especially Chinese and Vietnamese food. I really want to join her dinner party in Q.2, but glad I missed the one she describes in Q.4. She’s included a few recipes and restaurant recommendations too. Find more at

4. Another New Yorker, Daniela Petrova, who loves to travel but needs to manage some dietary restrictions while she does it. Check out Q.5 for some good advice if you have a dietary restriction too, plus she has several NYC restaurants she recommends. Her website is Daniela’s Travels.

3. New Yorker Stella Gold from One for the Road. She’s a braver eater than I! Read her interview to find out why.

2. Mary Luz Mejia, a Colombian-Canadian writer and co-founder of I need to try the icy treats she describes in Q.10 and Q.13. Unfortunately, she’s the second person who’s written here about terrible food poisoning in San Francisco (same resto, I wonder?!).

1. Jennifer Billock, an American freelance writer, author and editor; see her work at When I read she’s obsessed with berries (Q.3), I was immediately on board to join her on her round-the-world food fantasy trip (Q. 17), so long as she doesn’t make me eat anything from Q.8.

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  1. This has surprised me as this is pretty new to me. However, it seems very interesting. I am looking forward to further digging down this thing. I am hopeful to write my blog on this issue.


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