A stretch of Iguazu Falls, from the Argentine side

A stretch of Iguazu Falls, from the Argentine side

So far I’ve just seen two tiny parts of Argentina, Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires.

Articles so far:

A wayward weekend in Buenos Aires, Argentina (for The Wayward Post), about how to travel in this city of protests, including a can’t be missed restaurant (UCO, in the Fierro Hotel) and tips for exchanging currency too.

Sleep well in this eco-friendly Buenos Aires hotel, about Casa Calma, a centrally-located boutique hotel that takes the wellness of both its guests and the environment seriously (for The Wayward Post).

My favourite hotel of 2016 was in Buenos Aires: Algodon Mansion, which you can read about it in Our top 8 hotels from a year of travel, for Boutique Travel.

More tips are in How to Buenos Aires.

Hotel features, for Luxury And Boutique Hotels:

Iguazu Falls:

Buenos Aires:

My stays were hosted by the hotels, but the opinions are my own and no one from the hotels reviewed or approved my articles. 

Algodon bar Johanna Read

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a glass from Algodon’s exclusive wine collection here in Algodon Mansion’s bar?