Sustainable travel with new travel magazine, The Wayward Post

Responsible tourism Johanna Read

I’ve started writing for The Wayward Post, a brand new digital travel magazine that caters to travellers who are conscious of the effects of their actions — responsible travellers who care about leaving the people and the places they visit better than how they found them.

Part of being a responsible traveller is choosing hotels that not only minimize their effects on the environment, but help make the environment better. There’s more than just being green. Some hotels go even further by giving back to the communities they’re in by creating sustainable jobs, preserving culture and religious practices, and supporting the local economy.


Hotel de la Paix in Luang Prabang, Laos helps keep the Tak Bat ceremony and supports local arts and culture

The Wayward Post profiles some of these great hotels, and I’m contributing to their portfolio. So far:

And sustainable hotels not featured in The Wayward Post:

And  my Wayward Weekend stories, about fun (and sustainable) weekends:

I also write the occasional essay for The Wayward Post about destinations that need responsible tourism help to remain — or become again — destinations that everyone would love to visit:

If you’re interested in responsible travel, I write about it as often as I can. You can find links to all of my writing on the responsible tourism page.

Note: unless otherwise noted, my stay was hosted by the hotel, in exchange for a feature on the digital travel magazine I write additional stories about the hotels I think other readers would like in other publications.  

2 responses to “Sustainable travel with new travel magazine, The Wayward Post

  1. Thanks for giving us this information on how we might help the countries we travel in. With the problems we are all facing it’s sometimes difficult to justify our travels and to close our eyes to what many of the countries we travel to are facing. All each of us can do is contribute in some small way in whatever way we can and your articles can help us with that.

    Betty Wright

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