4 things the internet doesn’t want you to know about Machu Picchu

P1330758.JPGWhen I was planning my trip to Machu Picchu, I had trouble figuring out what I needed to know. For once, the internet was not all that useful.

There were plenty of tours advertised, but very little info about how to get there without shelling out for a guide. And I found next to nothing about what I needed to bring with me or about the timing of when to be there. So, what does an intrepid solo traveller and writer do? Well, she figures it out and shares it with others, of course!

So, whether you’re going on your own or with a group, here’s Four crucial things no one tells you about visiting Machu Picchu, my article for Flung Magazine.

More detail is at You’re planning your Peru trip all wrong. And if you prefer to see the (misnamed) “lost city of the Incas” independently, you’ll probably find my detailed how-to guide useful:  How to travel to Machu Picchu without a tour.

Links to all my Peru articles are on the Peru page.


3 responses to “4 things the internet doesn’t want you to know about Machu Picchu

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    • Hi Nikita Thanks for visiting TravelEater.net and for your kind words. I’ve never been to India, but hope to go one day and write some travel articles about your country. Johanna



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