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April 13/15:

I’ve just arrived in Tunis and I can’t believe how beautiful it is!  The sense of hospitality, like in every other Muslim country I’ve visited, is amazing.  And yes, I feel very safe.


March 19/15:

I’ll round off my north Africa trip in Tunisia.

Despite the March 18 attack in Tunis, I still wish to go.  First, a city that has just had a terrorist attack becomes one of the safest cities in the world — everyone becomes hyper vigilant (e.g. I’ve been to NYC shortly after 9/11, and Paris right after the Charlie Hebdo attack … I felt perfectly safe). Second, if we avoid cities that have had terrorist attacks, we hurt the citizens who live there and we create even more disparity.

So, I will go to Tunisia, and your advice is welcomed for what I should see and do there.

Stories to come.

2 responses to “Tunisia

  1. Thank you for visiting my country! I am happy you liked it


    • Thank you MT! Tunisia is beautiful, the people wonderful and there is so much to see and do there. I hope everyone has a chance to visit, and I hope to be back soon to explore more!


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