Hot springs water: On tap and on your plate

Entrance, Hot Springs National Park. Lowres photo by Johanna Read

You’ve drunk mineral water. You’ve probably soaked in it too. But have you ever eaten it?

My latest article is for Paste Magazine and it’s about food and drink in the town of Hot Springs, Arkansas that is made extra fab by using the hot springs water as a main ingredient:

Hot springs water: On tap and on your plate.

The hot springs water in the national park is different than most geothermal water in the world — it is safe to drink and doesn’t smell or taste like sulfur or iron.

In Hot Springs I ate what may be the best pizza of my life, made by hand with the special spring water. And for those of you who like beer, there’s craft beer made with the hot springs water too. One of Deluca's fab pizzas. Low-res photo by Johanna Read

Have a read of my article and please share this if you like it!  More of my writing on Hot Springs is on the Hot Springs page.

My first article for Paste Magazine was about why residents in Morocco‘s medinas use communal ovens to bake their pastries and breads: What’s that smell: Morocco’s communal ovens.

Note: My visit to Hot Springs was via a hosted press trip, but neither the tourism board, the PR company nor any of the businesses I describe reviewed or approved any of my articles. 

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