People fall in love with Cambodia, and they keep returning and returning.  I know I do.

Here are all the links to my Cambodia writings. Plus don’t forget the general Asia articles which contain lots of tips for Cambodia, including what to pack, how to walk and how to avoid scams.

Turning life around, a “4 questions with” profile on the most amazing monk you’ll ever meet, Hoeurn Somnieng, (for Singapore Airlines’ regional in-flight magazine, SilkWinds) and the backstory. Venerable Hoeurn Somnieng, founder of the Life and Hope Association and the Park Hyatt Siem Reap Sewing School, is one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met during my travels, and I describe the experience in this interview by Lauren Crabbe, The Lemon Pie Life.

For The Wayward Post, how to have a great weekend in Siem Reap and support businesses that make Cambodia better, A Wayward Weekend in Siem Reap, and a profile of a wonderful hotel that gives back to the community, Sojourn Boutique Villas, in This hotel gives back to locals.

Dear travellers to Cambodia: Please don’t come visit until you’ve understood these 9 things  — a rare responsible tourism listicle (for Matador Network). And to read my 10th tip which was edited out: Dear travellers to Cambodia: Please don’t come visit until you’ve understood these 10 things.

What do you mean, I can’t wear my tanktop at Angkor Wat? Five etiquette tips to make sure your visit to Southeast Asia offends no one (for Canadian Traveller, spring 2016). Don’t forget my overview!

The story of my first day ever in Cambodia and Southeast Asia, which I’ve titled Pursued by Police in Phnom Penh.  And the shorter version, published in Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail.

20140601-204308-74588747.jpgAn overview of Siem Reap, the city near the Angkor temples.

How to make the national dish of Cambodia — Running Amok for Fish Amok (for World Nomads)

The ideal way to see Angkor — the sunrise trip I took to Angkor Wat courtesy of the Amansara luxury resort.

The show like no other, and a can’t miss in Cambodia (in Siem Reap and in Battambang): the Phare Cambodian Circus — Grins all around, the article I wrote for their website.

Flight of the Gibbon operates a ziplining course inside the Angkor archeological park.  I’ve checked out their Chiang Mai, Thailand course and Simone Gribble off The writes about their Angkor course.

Dining in Siem Reap (for 20140601-204132-74492667.jpg

Two unique dining experiences at the Amansara — a traditional Srah Srang Khmer breakfast and a cool Mad Men lunch.

More dining deliciousness: a guest post by Simone of On The Track And Off It, Is it worth it to eat at a training restaurant? Sala Bai in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

A mindful and beautiful place — an article I wrote for Nomad Is Beautiful’s series, and a picture of why Cambodia is so special.

Speaking of being mindful, Cambodia is a Buddhist country so it is always good to remind yourself of how to travel respectfully in a Buddhist country.

Siem Reap hotel reviews for (more detail is on the Siem Reap overview page):

Have you been to Cambodia?  What did you love (and not love) about it?


What do you think? Your comments are most welcome.

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