Interviews with me

Johanna Read laughing in Pingyao China. Photo by Hilary Duff.

My usual reaction when someone points a camera at me for too long. Photo by Hilary Duff.

Tom Wilmer quoted me about the private island of Cayo Espanto in this article for Civilian magazine: Belizean Fantasy Island. He also included quotes from me in this podcast.

Pippa Norman interviewed me for her “B.C. residents left behind as experts urge Canadians to get boosted again before fall” article about British Columbians’ access to covid boosters, which was published in a number of regional outlets including Pique News Magazine, Vancouver is Awesome, PeakBusiness in Vancouver, Tricity News, Delta Optimist, Burnaby Now, Richmond News, New Westminster Record, Prince George Citizen, Squamish Chief, North Shore News, Coast Reporter.

In summer 2022, Mark Feldman wrote Is Turkey safe for Israeli tourists yet? for The Jerusalem Post and used extensive quotes from my general 2019 World Nomads article, Travel and terror: How do you decide it’s safe to go?, trying to apply them to the more specific issue of Israeli tourists in Turkey.

Why we miss travel so much, according to psychologists — The reasons I travel were quoted in this piece by Melanie Lieberman for The Points Guy’s (both the US and UK sites), and republished by MSN (Why we miss travel so much, according to psychologists).

Lavanya Sunkara quoted me in her Forbes article, Marvel at rare encounters with gray whales these images from Mexico, one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had amongst my many amazing experiences.

Because of my Fodor’s article, The Latest: Should You Change Your Travel Plans Due to the Coronavirus?, I was asked to do an interview with William Levinson for the Associated Press’ travel podcast called “Get Outta Here!”. The interview took place on March 2, 2020, and was released on March 3 (and was massively out of date just a week later):

In New national body to support social prescribing, for the UK publication Positive News, Lucy Douglas included quotes from me about how I benefitted from “social prescriptions” like yoga, art, and exercise when I had a burnout.  I provide advice like this too in the stress management coaching I do for the Government of Canada.

I was honoured to have one of my fave PR firms, Carolyn Izzo Integrated Communications (CIIC), interview me for my packing advice.  Here’s the link — my stuff is on the pink squares: Our favorite women in travel share their packing tips … and other thoughtful insights.

I was interviewed by Peter Greenberg for his CBS radio show Peter Greenberg’s Eye on Travel about Vancouver after he stopped in after his trip aboard the Rocky Mountaineer train from Banff to Vancouver:

  • In addition to travel writing, I provide management consulting services about people management issues. Workshops and coaching on stress management are the requests I receive most often. I’ve written a few articles on the topic myself (to come: Stress management page). The latest is an article by Robin L. Flanigan for the print magazine Esperanza, called Double diagnosis, where I describe my diagnoses of exhaustion, and how to recover from burnout, anxiety and depression. My quotes are on pages 26 and 27.  

  • My quotes about responsible tourism are included in this 20 Travelers Committed to Responsible Travel roundup for World Tourism Day, September 27, 2017. It’s on Miss Filatelista’s website. Know what filatelista means? It’s Spanish for a person who collects passport stamps, a play on philatelist, a collector of stamps. Love it!

  • My anecdote of a toilet truck hitting my plane is included in Meghan Jones’s Reader’s Digest article The 11 most bizarre reasons for flight delays.

  • Not really travel-related, but I was interviewed about career ambition for this Vice Tonic article by Suzanne Cope: The sad reason single women downplay their career ambition.

  • I was interviewed about solo travel for Canadian Living magazine’s August 2017 issue. I wish they’d situated my quote in the broader context of what I provided, but that’s how interviews go. I’ll pitch the rest of the story I was trying to tell somewhere else one day :-)

  • Travel deal guru Johnny Jet interviews frequent flyers from around the world, including guidebook writer and TV show host Rick Steves and astronaut Scott Parazynski. And now including me:  Travel Style: Johanna Read. I talk about my most embarrassing travel moment, the worst travel moment that turned into my best, and some of my favourite places and things. And for some inexplicable reason, I chose to use a photo of me on top of a lighthouse in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, where I am pretending to be a bear.

  • I’m featured in the June 2016 alumni newsletter of the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference. This conference invites 225-250 Canadians from the public, private and labour sectors to participate in an incredible two weeks of leadership development and learning about Canada. I participated in the 2003 conference and toured the Yukon territory. Generally every four years, there’s a special conference in 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. Applications close September 30, at
  • Couples travel: I was interviewed for Stacey McKenna’s article in Mind + Body, a print magazine of the Coloradoan (Holiday 2015 issue). It has advice from several travel writers about how to not only maintain your relationship whilst travelling, but maybe have it grow even stronger too: PDF of print version: The Buddy System and online version:  The Buddy System.
  • An article about my lemon pie life and how to make your dreams a reality, by Lauren Crabbe for The World, Please: The Lemon Pie Life.
  • Via Love Play Work, how I started travel writing for (a chapter of what I call my “lemons to lemon pie” story): What if you had said yes?

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