When a travel writer gets interviewed on the radio

Off Vancouver's Stnley Park. Photo by Johanna Read TravelEater.net

I received an invitation a few weeks ago. I nervously said yes — I have a very difficult time turning down work and opportunities, which has its pros and its cons (see The warning signs of burnout: A lemons to lemon pie chapter as an example).

The challenge was not just that I’d added yet another thing to my overstuffed to do list, but I said yes to something that involved talking, and not only talking but talking on the radio, taped for a live-to-air broadcast and with no edits. Yikes!

We writers tend to have our thoughts come out best when our fingers hold a pen or move over a keyboard. We like to examine a sentence (too many times) and then tweak it, and then tweak it again when it’s found it’s home next to another sentence. Speaking off the cuff, into a microphone, and when it’s being recorded is more than a little nervewracking.

Yo Mamma's Doughnuts at Juke Fried Chicken. Photo by Johanna Read TravelEater.net

Yo Momma’s Doughnuts from Juke Fried Chicken

And what do you do when you correct someone, on the radio, and then realize you corrected them WRONG? Well, you just hope never to make that mistake again!

Here’s the link to my interview. It’s for the CBS radio show hosted by Peter Greenberg. He’d just arrived in Vancouver aboard the Rocky Mountaineer train from Banff, through the mountain passes of Alberta and British Columbia. And he wanted to talk about Vancouver’s fab food.

And what was my incorrect correction?  He was talking about Canadian bacon, and I said Canadians “just call it bacon”. But of course, we don’t. We call it back bacon. OOPS!

Oh, and then I checked the photo evidence and it turns out I was wrong about the powdered sugar on the Cafe Medina waffles too.

Cafe Medina waffles. Photo by Johanna Read TravelEater.net

Cafe Medina’s waffles, with powdered sugar, and passionfruit and chocolate dipping sauces too

See why we writers prefer writing rather than talking?!

What do you think? Your comments are most welcome.

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