How to survive the medinas of Morocco

imageMorocco’s medinas — the ancient, walled parts of cities — are fascinating to see. In many ways, they are unchanged from medieval times. In other ways, they are completely modern (especially in the skills of the vendors to get your tourist dollars!).

You don’t need a guide to navigate the medinas (yes, even Fez‘s labyrinth), but you do need some awareness of what to expect so that you can get around without too much inconvenience.

My article, for Passport Health, explains everything you need to know — How to survive the medinas of Morocco.

Off to Morocco? I’ve got lots of tips and stories on my Morocco page. Also just published — Moulay Idriss: When you need a vacation from your Moroccan vacation (for Journey Beyond Travel).

Marrakech window Low-res photo by Johanna Read



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