7 easy tips for respectful travel in Southeast Asia

Parasols for sale, street market, Luang Prabang, Laos

With its predominantly Buddhist and Muslim religions, Southeast Asia has a few cultural practices and etiquette rules different than those in western countries.

For A World To Travel, here are my 7 easy ways to travel respectfully in Southeast Asia, which help protect the region’s cultures and economies, and help make your stay more pleasant for everyone. I share tips on what to wear too (including my new fave travel shirts, Ably Apparel which resist stains and smells and rarely need washing).

One of the faces at Bayon Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia

2 responses to “7 easy tips for respectful travel in Southeast Asia

  1. Interesting read, great thoughts. Having lived in Asia for sometime, I would just add to be friendly. I know some cultures (like in Japan) may not be as open to strangers, but a lot of the places I’ve been to in Asia are pretty receptive to friendly tourists. After all, locals are usually pretty happy to see tourists visiting their country. It brings capital spending and diversity. If it weren’t for the language barrier, I’m sure many of the locals (generally speaking) would embrace friendly tourists even more so.

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