More magical than Disney

Anaconda pillar Mount Sanqingshan China. Photo by Johanna Read

Intrigued by Disney’s new “Pandora — The World of Avatar” attractions?

Why not explore the real thing that inspired the movie and theme park? In China, I discovered rock formations that look like cobras and penguins, leafy iced trees surrounded by summer, a suspended temple, and many many places to make wishes.

Explore a little yourself via my latest article for Almost Fearless magazine, More real and magical than Disney: China’s fantastical mountains.


Mysterious iced tree, Sanqingshan 2. Photo by Johanna Read

How is this tree enrobed in ice?


Lots more on China on the China page, plus an article to come on Pingyao for La Carte magazine.

Note: My trips to China were hosted by the China National Tourism Office in Toronto. All opinions expressed in any of my articles are mine and no one from CNTO or any other organization I mention reviews or approves my articles.  



Making wishes in China: “May my fantastic life continue to be fantastic!”



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