Say lychees: Becoming a celebrity in China

Click on the Dreamscapes articles link to find out the story of how this photo came about! Thanks to Casey Nolin for capturing the moment.

What’s happening here? Check out my article in United Airlines’ Hemisphere magazine! Thanks to Casey Nolin for capturing the moment.


Interesting things happen when you travel off the beaten path.

When you go to places where tourists are scarce, you see more interesting things and have more interesting experiences.

Prime example: my first trip to China, where we stopped at a grape festival in rural Hunan province. I wrote about what happened to me for United Airlines’ in-flight magazine, Hemispheres:

Say lychees! (PDF version)

Say lychees! (online version)

Many thanks to Casey Nolin, who was on the press trip with me, and who took the photo of me which accompanied my article.

I have many more China stories on the China destination page, including a story about the most expensive tea in the world for Montecristo Magazine: The tea that caused a diplomatic crisis.

8 responses to “Say lychees: Becoming a celebrity in China

  1. Thx for sharing.Great
    This is about culture, the interesting matter.
    I take the live online lesson by communicating with native-Chinese teachers from eChineseLearning
    Do you think this method of learning is realistic?


    • Many thanks
      I’d think that would be an effective method, but I’m not a language learning expert. Good for you for learning another language though.


  2. It gets awkward at first but in the end turns out to be an amazing experience :D Being a travel enthusiast, I have been connected to people and hearing so much of related stories at which helps people to achieve their goals by connecting with individuals of similar interest.

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    • Hi Frank. I completely agree — awkward at first, but then a great aspect of the trip and an insight into Chinese culture. Hope you enjoyed your trip too.


  3. That’s cool! I saw this article on the plane, and then found your great website !

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