My first (of many!) National Geographic byline (about COVID, my new area of expertise)

P1510557National Geographic is one of those bylines that every writer covets. I’d never had the guts to even pitch them, so was particularly pleased to have an editor reach out to me to write a piece on my unusual new area of expertise … COVID-19 and travel.

Here’s the article where I interviewed several COVID experts, aimed at answering key questions on the mind of Americans looking at domestic travel in summer 2020: Is it safe to travel now? It depends. It was republished by Apple News, MSN (Is it safe to travel now? It depends), and MSN Australia (Is it safe to travel now? It depends).

Now in 2022, some of that advice is very out of date. Key to know now:

  • Wearing an N95 or KN95 respirator mask indoors and in crowded outdoor areas is an effective way to minimize the spread of covid — from you to others and from others to you.
  • Test yourself regularly (and properly) with a rapid antigen test to ensure you’re not contagious, regardless of whether you have symptoms or not.
  • Remember that you can be reinfected with covid more than once and that every infection means your chances of having long covid symptoms, including vascular and brain damage, increase.
  • Vaccination doesn’t do a lot to minimize the spread of covid, but it does help reduce severe short- and long-term symptoms.

This first article led to several others for Nat Geo, about covid, air travel, and about wildlife in Canada. Links to all of them are listed at the top of the Publications page. I’ll eventually add them to this coronavirus post and to my destination-focussed pages too.

4 responses to “My first (of many!) National Geographic byline (about COVID, my new area of expertise)

  1. It’s is always nice to have an expert helpline especially in these unprecedented times, when most people are unaware of how to take things forward and keep moving. Congratulations on your achievements. The posts are very informative and basically covers all the inhibitions a traveler has before setting his foot. Keep writing and keep motivating until the world comes on the same platform.

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    • Thanks Kritika
      Though I do have some related experience, I’m far from being an expert … but I do rely on experts to guide my articles. Thanks for your kind words, and that’s a reminder that I really need to update this … I’ve been too busy writing articles to keep up with the posts here!
      Let’s hope vaccinations proceed quickly around the world ASAP so everyone can be safe from covid and travel can resume normally again


  2. Now that we seem to have entered another phase of the COVID pandemic, have you altered any of the provisions stated in your National Geo.article? What about testing? It seems difficult to enter certain states because of this requirement.

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