Recipe: Union Square Cafe’s Citrus Cooler

I adore NYC’s Union Square Café and go every time I visit Manhattan.  I’ve never seen the restaurant take a wrong step — I love that Danny Meyer hospitality.

My friend Rob, a cocktail aficionado in his own right, discovered this summery cocktail on a trip to NYC.  The Citrus Cooler was invented by Union Square Café’s Paul Bolles-Beaven.

Unlike many restaurant cocktails, it is simple to make (even I can make it).  It also has a complex flavour, and refreshes (although be careful, these go down easily!).

For one drink:

1.5 oz Campari

0.25 oz freshly squeezed lime juice (I like to double this amount)

4 oz San Pelegrino Aranciata (you could also use Orangina, or any citrus sparkler)

Optional addition: a dash of Fee Brothers grapefruit or orange bitters, and a big piece of lime peel

Fill a collins glass with ice cubes, add all liquid ingredients.  Stir to blend and top with lime peel.

To read more about creative cocktails in Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa, click HERE.


9 responses to “Recipe: Union Square Cafe’s Citrus Cooler

    • We haven’t found any other than Angostura in Ottawa. But we stock up on Fee Brothers bitters in Montreal at Marché Atwater at Douceurs du Marché.
      Fee Brothers Canadian distributor has an online store:
      You can get Fee Brothers on Queen W in Toronto, but they are significantly more expensive than Montreal.
      If you find any other brands (especially Peychaud) or Ottawa sources, please let me know! I’ll also ask @OttawaCocktails (Steve Benson) at Play food & Wine for his advice.


      • Thanks for all the help! Much appreciated. Do you know the store name on Queen W in Toronto?


      • Thanks for the dig on getting me the info. Have a friend appreciating the source too. So appreciated.


  1. Will this be on the menu Saturday night? :D

    #1 Nephew


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