Don’t miss the Cambodian Phare Circus !

P1230656.JPGI’ve seen three spectacular performances of the Phare circus on my most recent two trips to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Think Cirque du Soleil but with much more heart and energy. It was such an incredible experience!

I’ve written about it for Phare’s blog in an article called “Grins All Around” and for Fodor’s: The Cambodian version of Cirque du Soleil must be seen to be believed.

Looking for more information on visiting Siem Reap and Cambodia? All my articles are on the Cambodia page, and these articles for Fodor’s give you the essentials:

If you’re travelling to Siem Reap in high season, you’ll want to book your tickets for Phare in advance. Or go to Battambang, where they also have shows.  Sometimes Phare goes on a tour to another country, so keep your eye on your local newspaper for when one might be coming to a city near you.


Note: I attended Phare as their guest and provided them with photographs to use in their marketing. The opinions here are my own and no one from Phare made changes to or approved my text for their website, or reviewed or approved any of the other articles I wrote.

What do you think? Your comments are most welcome.

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