How to have the best African safari


Planning a safari?  You’re so lucky! Of all my travels, safaris just might be my favourite. I’ve been on safari in Namibia, South Africa and Uganda.

A safari is the trip of a lifetime, so it is important to plan well.  You’ll need to choose not only where you go, but when and how.  Plus there are important packing and safety tips to take into consideration.

Some reading (and, might I say, some lovely photos too!):

Plus some safari lodge and hotel recommendations:


3 responses to “How to have the best African safari

  1. Hey this is such a nice read. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    I had visited the northern Limpopo region last year and I absolutely loved it. We stayed over at a lodge called Mopane bush Lodge and it was simply brilliant. The staff were friendly. The places on the itinerary were all good. The Mapungubwe interpretation centre and the National Park, birding sites, etc.
    I am not sure of the contact number. Please make sure to visit the place and look for Walton. He was a friendly guide and will definitely help you out. For more details please visit

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    • Many thanks for saying so. I’m in South Africa now and learning about how wonderful Limpopo province is. Hope I get to visit myself one day! Thanks for the suggestion of Mopane Bush Lodge.

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