Ottawa: Eat Cobra

Cobra?!  No, we didn’t eat cobra.  But I suppose they have already served it, and the point is to be innovative.

A Cobra dinner is a mysterious dining event — how to get invited is a mystery, the menu and chefs are a mystery, even the location is a mystery.

What isn’t a mystery is that it is run by Marc Lepine, Chef/Owner of Ottawa’s Atelier restaurant and winner of the 2012 Canadian Culinary Championship.  He gets a bunch of chefs together at someone’s house, they cook up an incredible blind tasting menu (with zero creative restrictions) for as many guests as the place will hold, and guests each donate $100 to the featured charity.  Chefs donate the ingredients, their time, and their imaginations.

I was lucky enough to host the June 2012 Cobra dinner with a dozen of Ottawa’s very best chefs.  And while I won’t reveal all the secrets, I will spill enough that I know you will want to sign up at for the chance to attend a future dinner.  Stay tuned ….

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