Canada: Gezellig is gezellig (Ottawa)

There is a lot of deliciousness at gezellig.  I’ll drop a few tantalizing hints here, but leave many surprises for you when you check it out in person.  Some menu items are permanent, and others are updated regularly — you can both satisfy your cravings and try something new!

Above is my favourite of everything I’ve tried so far — seafood chowder with a red curry coconut broth, oyster plant, carrot, purple potato with a lime oil.  Perfect in every way.

The steak frites I sampled was Alberta strip loin — flavourful and juicy, covered with a miso sauce and mushrooms.  The French fries are slightly thicker than the ones at sister resto Play, but, like those at Play, slightly undercooked for my personal taste, but much loved by many.

The risotto I had was squash, with smoked garlic, sage, crème fraîche, mushrooms and a sherry reduction.  It is beautifully creamy.

Che Chartrand is in charge of the kitchen, and Mike Moffatt remains as Executive Chef for all Beckta restaurants.

As this is a Beckta restaurant, of course there will be expertly matched wines, thanks to Wine Director Grayson McDiarmid.  Here he is in the packed wine cellar — the vault of this former bank building.

And like all Beckta restaurants, the service is convivial and staff go out of their way to make you feel welcome and taken care of.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the dinner menu, and the lunch and brunch menus when they start!

3 responses to “Canada: Gezellig is gezellig (Ottawa)

  1. what is the price range??????


    • Hi Susan
      I’m not sure the prices were final when I was there for the opening, but on their sample menu I saw $8-12 for small plates / apps, $19-25 for mains. Gezellig’s site now has menus posted so you can see exactly what is on offer and the prices. Some of the items have changed slightly (e.g. the steak frites is now with a local short rib steak, rather than Aberta striploin).
      Let me know what you think once you try it!


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