I think Asia, specifically Southeast Asia, is my favourite part of the world.  I just feel good there.  So, if you haven’t been, plan a trip – NOW!  And if you have been, please share your recommendations with me, because I will be back again soon.

General articles on Asia

  • With its predominantly Buddhist and Muslim religions, Southeast Asia has a few cultural practices and etiquette rules different than western countries. For A World To Travel, here are my 7 easy ways to travel respectfully in Southeast Asia, which help protect the culture, economy, and help make your stay more pleasant for everyone. I share tips on what to wear too.

    How to shop responsibly, Southeast Asia edition: the choices you make affect the destination you’re visiting, the people who live there, and the people who will travel there in the future (November 2016 edition of SilkWinds, the in-flight magazine for Singapore Airlines’ regional airline, SilkAir).

  • Pack smart for Southeast Asia, practical tips for what to bring to dress comfortably and respectfully in this predominantly Buddhist hot and humid region (for Singapore Airlines’ regional in-flight magazine, SilkWinds).

  • There are a lot of so-called elephant sanctuaries in Asia. If you’re considering visiting one, read this first: ethical elephants, with a link to my Reader’s Digest article about elephants.

Lots more in the individual country links:











VIET NAM (yup, I’ll eventually add something here too)

5 responses to “Asia

  1. Please come to visit Nepal and explore the beauties of the giant Himalayas including Mount Everest and many more others.

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    • Thanks — I would love to see Nepal one day. I’ve heard wonderful things about the country (though I’d skip Everest … I think it sees enough traffic)


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