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IMG_6756.JPG - Version 2 Johanna Read TravelEater

Enjoying my first pisco sour in Lima, Peru. Photo by Christian Dobereiner


I’m Johanna Read, a Canadian travel and food writer/photographer (and former Government of Canada executive), based in Vancouver.

I’m also the Contributing Editor of two magazines, La Carte and Luxury And Boutique Hotels. In 2017 I became S.E.E. Africa‘s Responsible Tourism Columnist. I write freelance for a variety of print and digital publications in Canada, the U.S., and internationally. They include the in-flight magazine for United Airlines, USA Today, Fodor’s, Men’s Journal, Candian Traveller and Canadian Traveller (all my publications).

I’m always searching for the best things to eat around the world (and what to do between snacks).  I’ve been to 55ish countries (and counting), and the past four years of my travelling life have brought me multiple times to six continents (you’re right … not yet to Antarctica).

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Please get in touch via social media or email — TravelEater.Info (at) gmail (dot) com.

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  1. Wow, what a fantastic adventure…


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