Travel for love and for inspiration

Sunset Rio de la Plata, Montevideo Uruguay. Photo by Johanna Read

Sunset over the Rio de la Plata, Montevideo, Uruguay: a scene from the proposal saga

Most of my travel writing sticks to the facts. Here’s what you need to know about seeing mountain gorillas in Uganda, here’s the story behind a Quebec wine made from tomatoes, or here’s where to find some of the best coffee in the United States. That kind of stuff.

Occasionally, though, I write something a bit more personal. These two recent pieces are prime examples:

Johanna Read hamming it up at the Hanging Temple, Shanxi, China; photo by Hilary Duff small

Johanna Read hamming it up at the Hanging Temple, Shanxi, China. Photo by Hilary Duff.

Whether you’re curious for a peek into my lemons-to-lemon-pie life or just want to know some awesome places to travel, I spill a few beans in these two articles.

And stay tuned for the ethical elephant tourism in Thailand story I’m working on now, plus stories from the trip to India I’m taking later this week (lots of photos to come on my TravelEaterJohanna Instagram).


Thailand. Johanna Read bathing an elephant. Photo by Patara Elephant Farm.

Johanna Read bathing an elephant, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Photo by Patara Elephant Farm.

6 responses to “Travel for love and for inspiration

  1. Travel is must be done once a year.
    When I think to travel I book my flight from here.


  2. thank’s to make me comment
    Very well post thank you

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  3. Great website!

    Do you ever book tours for people to travel with you in a group?

    Anna in Perth

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    • Hi there Anna and hope you’re well
      That would require far more logistics and planning ahead than suits me :-) I tend to only have the first few days of a trip planned when I travel and go with the flow once I arrive.
      Hope everything is great with you and you’re planning an amazing trip soon!


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