How and where to swim with whale sharks (responsibly, of course)


One of the whale sharks I swam with in La Paz, Mexico

I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences in my life, including some incredible sightings and even interactions with wildlife. One of my very favourites was snorkelling with whale sharks in La Paz, Mexico.

My latest articles are for Reader’s Digest, one explaining what these giant fish are (and aren’t) and the other about where to swim with them the responsible way.

More of my whale shark articles, plus where to stay and other super cool activities (like grey whales coming up to your boat to have their heads scratched!), are on the Mexico page.

P1590265 (2)

The waters near La Paz, Mexico are full of wildlife. That’s why Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez the world’s aquarium!


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  1. Is this even safe? swimming with whale sharks


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