How to see Angkor

P1220774.JPGI’ve spent a fair amount of time in Siem Reap and Cambodia’s UNESCO World Heritage Angkor Archeological Park. It’s a fascinating place and I’ve learned a lot about how to best see the temples, what to do before and afterward, and how to avoid the often relentless crowds.

I’ve written about Cambodia frequently, hoping to share what I’ve learned with other travellers. I was really chuffed when the Managing Editor of, Rachael Levitt, recently called out one of the articles I wrote for Fodor’s. She said my “incredible tips and tricks” make her feel like she can finally go to Angkor “properly” and “without losing [her] mind in the throngs”. Well, now I do feel like a bit of an expert! (see Where

Fodor’s editors are traveling in 2019; scroll down to #4) Preah Khan tree. Photo by Johanna Read

Are you planning a trip to Cambodia? Here are my three must-read articles on what you need to know.

Bayon close-up 750x562. Photo by Johanna Read

And stay tuned for my insider tips on Cambodia for Google’s new Touring Bird website.

If you’re looking for more detail (as well as some awesome hotel recommendations), there’s lots more on my Cambodia page.

Have you been to Cambodia? Do you have other advice to share?

Novice monk at Bayon temple. Photo by Johanna Read

Note: It’s important to only take photos of people, especially monks, with their permission. I had the permission of this novice and his fellow novices.

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  1. woa! i didnt know angkor was an actual place


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