The best massage in the world

Need a massage. Photo by Johanna Read TravelEaterI don’t know about you, but I really appreciate a good massage. I’ve had my fair share of great ones and so-so ones. But really … it’s hard to complain about being able to lie back and have someone smooth lotion into my skin, regardless if they have any skill at finding the knots in my shoulders.

The best massage I ever had was in Cambodia, at a little boutique hotel I fell in love with called Udaya Residence. Here’s more about it, written for Ensemble Travel. And hey, you can read it in both French and English!

  • And here’s a PDF of the print article in English, with the contributors page with my photo.

Much more about Cambodia on my Cambodia page.

Note: My stay and massage at Udaya were hosted by the hotel. Per usual, all opinions are my own and no one from the hotel reviewed or approved my articles. 

Udaya Residences. Photo by Johanna Read

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