The essentials to pack for any trip


Travel happy! Bayon temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

I’ve returned to the city I grew up in (Edmonton, Alberta) for a long weekend for a family event. It was so nice to catch up with people I haven’t seen for too long (despite the very early onset of winter).

I was pleasantly surprised at how many people said they like to read my articles (thanks everyone!) … and then I realized how little time I commit to adding links to my published articles on this website (other than on the long list which I call my Publications page). So, let’s try to improve that, shall we?

What to pack and how to survive long flights

No matter how often you travel, and how far you go, I think that everyone will find this USA Today article I wrote in the summer useful: Top 10 necessities when traveling.

I include key stuff to pack for the plane and things you can do to make that long flight more bearable, both for you AND for your fellow passengers. And, of course, I include a few responsible tourism tips too.  P1510557

What’s up next?

I’ve been busy writing about my summer 2018 trips to:

  • Costa Rica, where I interviewed centenarians in one of the world’s five Blue Zones to find out why they lived into their 100s,
  • Mexico (Puerto Vallarta and the fantastic Vivo Resorts in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca),
  • the U.S., including the “Cape Cod of the lakes”, Door County peninsula in Wisconsin (which was in full-on delicious cherry season mode), and fab-foodist college town Ann Arbor, and
  • Charlevoix, Quebec where I went whale watching and helicopter riding, and where I’m a little bit tempted to move since it has such a great community spirit (links will be on the Canada page when published).
  • (I do wish I was also writing about a Princess cruise in the Med, a private island in the Maldives, and a return trip to China, but sadly I had to decline these trips because of other commitments ..fingers crossed for the future!).

When my articles are published, I’ll try to be better about sharing them through regular posts too. I also need to get caught up on sharing some of my other pieces published over the past few months.

Stay tuned for November 3, when my interview with Peter Greenberg on his CBS radio show will air. He was in Vancouver briefly after taking the scenic Rocky Mountaineer train through western Canada’s gorgeous mountains. On the air, we talked about eating in Vancouver, and off the air, it was all about how wonderful Canadian cheese is (yah, I brought him a few samples, given how prominent Canadian dairy has been in the news recently …. [add mischievous grin emoji here]).

Where to next?

My travels will take me next week to El Salvador. I’m thrilled to see this Central American country and hope that by helping to increase tourism there, we can help improve the human rights of its citizens.

I’m aiming to stay put for November (though I think I could have chosen a better month, as November is Vancouver’s rainiest … though that should help me get some writing done!)

I have a whirlwind December planned. It starts with a family trip to NYC — and Hogwarts! — to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. And then I immediately fly to Turks & Caicos on a press trip to Ocean Club Resorts on the island of Provo (I’m sure hoping to see the phosphorescence in the ocean that comes around every full moon!). Then, with less than 24 hours to re-pack for colder climes, I’m off on my first river cruise, thanks to a Viking Cruises press trip. We’ll sail on the Danube from Germany through Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. And, if I’ve counted properly, I think that will bring me to my 60th country!

P1630532 (2)

See you soon! Humpback whale tail in the St. Laurence River, Charlevoix, Quebec




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