Nelson Mandela’s South Africa

Mandela leading the Voting Line, Port Elizabeth South Africa. Photo by Johanna Read

Mandela leading the Voting Line Sculpture in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

With the world seemingly regressing with respect to human rights and democracy these days, it is uplifting to visit South Africa.

This beautiful country had a dark history of Apartheid — legalized and institutionalized racial discrimination (to describe it diplomatically). But South Africa overcame its past, in large part because of the work of Nelson Mandela, who would have turned 100 on July 18, 2018.

I visited South Africa in May of 2018 to learn more about Mandela and Madiba’s Journey — the South African sites commemorating him.


My first article about the experience is one of the cover stories in Talk Travel magazine:


Part of the Route 67 art walk in Port Elizabeth.


More stories to come; all on my South Africa page

Note: I was hosted by South African Tourism on this trip, but, per usual, all opinions are my own and no one from the tourism commission or the PR firm representing it reviewed or approved my articles.

Nelson Mandela Capture Site sculpture. Photo by Johanna Read

Sculpture at the Mandela Capture Site, outside Durban, South Africa

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