Iceland Photo Tips

Bring your bathtub to the waterfall Iceland. Photo by Johanna Read

For the photo site Skylum, I wrote this article with photo tips on visiting the island nation of Iceland: How to go on a photo tour of Iceland like a pro.

Have you been? Do you plan to go?

And why do you think these people lugged a bathtub up to the Seljalandfoss Waterfall????

8 responses to “Iceland Photo Tips

  1. Last year there was a opening parade in the early afternoon 1pm or 2pm when the candidates for miss umbrella festival bicycle down the main street. but the large parade happens around dusk with floats and dignitaries. Like many Thai events it then moves into a formal stage with dignitaries and local politicians thanking everyone involved. That is followed by the awarding miss umbrella festival and then some really beautiful and impressive traditional entertainment Last year the location was a bit small for the crowd creating quite a crunch to view, I”m hoping perhaps for a change to that. It”s a great event but bring your patience. Lots of street food, music etc. If you”re interested there is a dance party that goes late. My times are approximate and as you may have heard things can change quickly. See you there


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