Travel tech advice


Tech on the road. Photo by Johanna Read

Coffee shops are frequent offices on the road.

Through my last five years of travel, I’ve learned a lot about travel tech. I’ve clear views on what I consider essential and what I no longer bother bringing with me.

It depends on the trip, of course. My six-month trip to Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia had me bringing very different stuff than I brought for a month-long trip to South America with Paul, and again press trips to China have me with a different gear configuration too.

Here’s my latest article with travel tech advice, for Nomador, a website which helps match people who need housesitters and those that want to use housesitting as a way of helping them see the world: Tech tips: Key tech to make nomadic life easier. It includes Roku (a critical tool for those of us who have given up on cable, whether you travel or not) and the latest Kobo e-reader (for those of us who don’t want to do anything to help Amazon in its efforts to take over the world).

What are your essential tech travel products? What did you buy, but no longer have a use for (for me, the portable keyboard for my tablet fell very quickly into that category!)?

If you’re looking for more product advice, here are a few pieces I wrote for Men’s Journal:

And check out my Stuff I Like page.


IMG_9720 (2)

And sometimes your office looks like this. Easy on the eyes, less so on the back though.


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