Pursuing Pingyao

Amused at the tourists, Pingyao. Lowres photo by Johanna Read TravelEater.net

One of the many helpful Pingyao residents who was entertained by our quest

In the ancient city of Pingyao, a UNESCO site in China‘s Shanxi province, fellow Canadian travel writer Hillary Duff and I went off the beaten path to pursue the world’s best fried chicken and to see if we could find her photo subjects from a previous visit.

I’ve written up the story for La Carte magazine, a Toronto-based publication aiming to help worldly readers travel smarter and travel better:

Daily life in China’s ancient city of Pingyao is just as rich as its UNESCO heritage.

Hilary Duff enjoying the world's best chicken. Photo by Johanna Read TravelEater.net

Hillary Duff enjoying the world’s best fried chicken, with the shop owner looking on in amusement

Stay tuned for more stories from me in La Carte, as I recently became their Contributing Editor.

Thanks for the adventure Hillary!

Note: My trip was hosted by the Chinese National Tourism Office, but views here are my own and no one from the office reviewed or approved this article.

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