New rules create house-sitting opportunities in Vancouver

inukshuk West End Vancouver Johanna Read

Canada’s most expensive city to live in — Vancouver — is also very popular for tourists. One way to make visiting this expensive city easier is housesitting.

New rules to help make the city more affordable for residents means new opportunities for housesitters too.  I wrote about it for Nomador, a website that helps match people needing house- (and pet!) sitters with responsible people who would be happy to help them.

Check out my article New rules create house-sitting opportunities in Vancouver. And consider signing up to be a housesitter or housesitting host on Nomador. I’m hoping to find a housesitting stint for my upcoming trip to Southeast Asia.

And if you’d like to come and check out beautiful Vancouver, have a look at my Vancouver articles on the Canada page.



2 responses to “New rules create house-sitting opportunities in Vancouver

    • Thanks Betty!

      Not sure yet re SE Asia …. the ticket is out of Singapore, but that’s all I know so far. I’m not super keen on going back to top sites I’ve visited already so close to Christmas, so need to figure out some other options. I’m leaning toward southern Viêt Nam but who knows.

      Your advice is welcomed! :-)



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