Just like home but not: Vancouver


I can’t get enough of my new hometown, Vancouver, and I want others to enjoy it too.

So, I wrote this article for a brand new magazine, Second Chance Travels: Just like home but not: Vancouver, British Columbia.

The article is aimed at Americans and explains why Vancouver is the ideal place for their first international trip.

Feel free to subscribe to Second Chance Travels: it’s a digital magazine aimed at women who have spent most of their travelling life going where others have wanted (beaches and Disney, anyone?! …. not that there’s anything wrong with beaches and Disney, I like them too … but I couldn’t handle ONLY going to places like this).

Second Chance Travels is meant as both an idea book and a reality book about how to use travel to enrich your life. Even if you’re an experienced traveller, it should give you some new ideas of where to go and what to see and do when you’re there. I’ll be a regular contributor, and the site will have an interview with me soon too.



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