Saving the bears one hunter at a time

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort Johanna Read

The floating dock, complete with firepit, at Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort

I’m thrilled that the UK newspaper The Independent has published my story on an ingenious way to help protect the environment in Canada.

One of my favourite hotels, Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort, decided to give hunters a free stay at their luxurious wilderness resort if they agreed to give up their coveted bear hunting licence. It’s such a cool way to promote environmental and social responsibility that another Magnificent 7 hotel, Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, instituted the same program.

Here’s the full article: Canadian hotels offer free stays to bear hunters willing to renounce their guns.

I’m flattered that CBC used my Independent article to promote the same story on their website a week later, in ‘Bullets for Binos’ aims to turn B.C. grizzly hunters into heroes .

And if you’d like to know more about Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort, see my other articles about them on my Canada page.

Tidal chalet Nimmo Bay. Photo by Johanna Read

The view from one of Nimmo’s intertidal chalets

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