Penetrating the impenetrable: Mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda’s Impenetrable Forest


As a travel writer, I get to experience some pretty amazing things.

One at the very top of my list is trekking through Uganda’s Impenetrable Forest to see mountain gorillas. Half the world’s mountain gorillas are in Uganda, and the only way to see them is in the wild. Scientists don’t know why, but they don’t survive in zoos.

If you want to see mountain gorillas, you’ll need to go on a trek in Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (former Zaire), or in Uganda. Here’s the story of my unusual experience in Uganda, published yesterday in Montecristo Magazine: Mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda: Unpredictable.

More stories about Uganda are on the Uganda page, including about other animals you can see in this lovely equatorial country.


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