Foraged food in Glasgow, Scotland

Eating foraged foods — in Glasgow’s foraged foods restaurants, luckily you’ll get more than Highland grass

Before and after my West Highland Way hike, I spent a few days enjoying Glasgow. I was surprised to learn how many chefs were using foraged foods on their restaurant menus, so I wrote a little piece about it for The Wayward Post: A guide to foraging in Glasgow, Scotland.

My first experience with foraged foods was at Nita Lake Lodge, in Whistler, BC. (well, not counting eating Saskatoon berries in the ravine behind my house when I was a kid!).

Nita Lake Lodge’s then chef, Dean Hossack, took me out on a foraging walk and showed me all sorts of foods growing wild in Whistler that were not only edible but delicious. He turned our finds into an incredible five-course meal that night. Read more about that experience in Whistler: Where to eat and where to burn your calories.

For more on the West Highland Way and other finds in Glasgow and Scotland, click through to my Scotland page.

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Hiking above the Nine Bend Stream in Fujian, China


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