Taking care of the planet and yourself

p1500318It’s nice to have win-wins, isn’t in? They seem few and far between these days, so let’s take them where we can find them.

In this article for The Wayward Post, I write about The Beauty Kitchen, this great little shop in Glasgow I visited in the fall. You can buy — or make your own bespoke — 100% natural beauty products there. And by shopping there you help the beauty industry be honest, provide markets for sustainable natural products, and get to help seahorses and Ugandan rhinos too! (I’m particularly keen on the good news story wth the rhinos, which I hope to see when I visit Uganda next week).

Read more at Natural and bespoke: Glasgow’s The Beauty Kitchen.

White rhino baby and mum Namibia Johanna Read TravelEater.net

I saw this mum and baby white rhino when I was in South Africa. There are only 15 rhinos in Uganda, but they were extinct there as of 1997.

Note:  The PR firm promoting Glasgow arranged and hosted my experience at The Beauty Kitchen, but all opinions are my own and no one from the PR firm or The Beauty Kitchen reviewed or approved my article. 

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