Oh the mentions!


Johanna Read laughing in Pingyao China. Photo by Hilary Duff.

Blush blush. Photo by Hilary Duff in Pingyao, China.


I thought it was pretty cool to be mentioned in two recent pieces by other writers.

  • Sara Dobak, a UK writer who blogs at TravelContinuum.com, included my website in her list of Travel Blog Role Models, which makes me think I should spend as much time blogging as I do writing for other publications. I’m pretty chuffed that she called my style “effortlessly relaxed.” :-)  Thanks Sara!  If you’re looking for other travel websites to follow, check out all of Sara’s recommendations.


2 responses to “Oh the mentions!

  1. Thanks for sharing your great news as well as the other blogs on travel writing. Nice to know how others are managing their travels in this world which is ever changing.

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