A new favourite country: Uruguay

Chess on the street, Montevideo. Low res photo by Johanna Read TravelEater.net

After my February 2016 visit to Uruguay, it jumped into my top three favourite countries list.

Lots of forthcoming articles where I explain why, but this recent article — Highlights of Uruguay — will give you a small taste.

There’s more on the Uruguay destination page, including an article on how to spend a sustainable weekend in Montevideo, with plenty more to come!

Have you been to Uruguay? What did you think?



2 responses to “A new favourite country: Uruguay

  1. Thanks so much Betty :-) I’m glad you at least had an overnight in Colonia, the town really changes once the last ferry leaves! I’m looking forward to reading your post :-)


  2. Agreed, that it’s a great little country. We certainly liked what we saw in Colonia del Sacrimento. Yes, we found the people friendly and very ready to talk, quite openly. Can’t say a whole lot more since we were only there for a day and a half with one overnight. Am in the process of writing a post for my blog on our visit in April.

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