Top 10 cheeses to eat before you die

Brillat-Savarin. Low-res photo by Johanna Read

It can feel unctuous or gritty on your tongue.

Sometimes you can leave a fingerprint in its bloom.

It can smell barnyardy or like a pile of wet leaves.

It tastes of heaven.

It is one of the most glorious foods there is.


But amongst all those cheeses out there, how do you decide what’s good and what’s boring?

I’ve been collecting and refining this list of cheeses for over a decade. Here are my top 10 cheeses to eat before you die, featuring cheeses from all around the world. Published by  Montecristo Magazine, and illustrated by Alice Clair:  The perfect cheese plate please.

What’s your favourite?

5 responses to “Top 10 cheeses to eat before you die

  1. I have never been a massive fan of most cheeses but reading this definitely give me an interest to try a few of them :)

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