THIS is what you should worry about with Zika (it’s not what you think)

Brazil flag small Johanna Read TravelEater.netWith the Olympics in Brazil about to start, the world is talking about Zika again.

My article for World Nomads — Everyone is freaking out about Zika: Should I? — was just published. I explain why I wasn’t worried about getting Zika during my visit to Brazil during the height of the Zika media frenzy, and why you shouldn’t worry either. And I explain the Zika issue you should worry about.

I wrote this back article in March 2016, and it was just published in late July. There is some new science reporting out since I wrote it, but I still stand by my conclusions: it is easy to avoid getting Zika and you should not cancel your travel plans to Zika-affected countries. If you’re lucky enough to have Olympic tickets, enjoy! (Just wear your DEET, more so because of dengue than Zika though). More on Zika: Why is everyone so freaked out about Zika?

Are you worried about Zika? Have you changed your travel plans because of what’s in the news?


Iguazu Falls, from the Brazil side. The mosquitos that carry dengue and, in theory, Zika are here. Wear bug spray.

Are you worried about terrorism? My article about travel and terrorism will be published next week.

2 responses to “THIS is what you should worry about with Zika (it’s not what you think)

  1. Good advice. People are blowing this out of proportion. Dengue and malaria are much more serious!

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