Travel around the world right here at home


Dancing at the El Salvador tent

Sometimes you can’t get away on a trip, but you really really need a hit of world culture. What to do?

Well, if you live in Vancouver or any of its suburbs, Surrey Fusion Festival hits the spot. This free annual two-day festival is chock full of world music, and food and culture from all over the planet.

Details on this year’s festival are in this article I wrote for the Vancouver website Vancouverscape: Surrey Fusion Festival delivers a packed weekend of free fun and entertainment.

Music fans got a special treat with two full days of free concerts, capped off by the fantastic Delhi 2 Dublin, the ultimate fusion band.

Keep your eye on — it has lots of info on local Vancouver-area events, lifestyle and tech, and travel insights for further afield too. It’s a go-to source whether you live here in the Lower Mainland or are just visiting.


Lots of smiles at the Surrey Fusion Festival, especially with pineapple pina coladas from the Colombia tent

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