How to avoid traveller’s diarrhea


Travelling this long weekend?  Well, make sure you keep your belly happy and watch out for traveller’s diarrhea.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling near or far from home, because it is often your fellow travellers who are your biggest concern.

…. Even if they washed their hands when they arrived at the restaurant, since then they’ve licked their fingers, wiped their noses, scratched their heads, and coughed into their hands. Then they put their dirty hands all over the serving spoons and tongs, and then leave the handles touching the food….

Sound gross? It is. Read my latest article, for Passport Health, about how to avoid traveller’s diarrhea with lots of tips to make sure your stomach stays happy and healthy.

As some of you know, my last job before I retired from the Government of Canada was with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. I’ve also worked at Health Canada’s Bureau of Food Safety Assessment.  As you would expect, I’ve had a lot of conversations about food safety. Now I apply that knowledge in my new life travelling the world.

I’ve been lucky to avoid serious belly troubles in my travels (knock on wood!). But if you catch the wrong thing, you won’t just be sick for a couple days, you could be sick for years. Luckily, with my easy precautions, you can most likely avoid it.

For more belly health advice and general advice about travel, click over to my Travel Practicalities page.


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