Ponant Cruises for New Jetsetters

Welcome Le Soleal Johanna Read TravelEater.net small

On behalf of the luxury travel magazine New Jetsetters, I got to tour one of Ponant’s luxury yachts as it stopped briefly in Vancouver before it returned to Alaska.

It was a beautiful ship and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes elegance and education with their holidays. Ponant’s ships, including a stunning three-masted motor sailing yacht, go all over the world. You can even see Antarctica via Ponant — the only continent I’ve yet to go to! On a Ponant cruise, you can take Zodiac boats up close, with your naturalist-guide, to immerse yourself in the environment you’re visiting.

My article for New Jetsetters is:  Luxury cruising with Ponant.

Oh, and if you think cruise ship bathrooms are tiny, check out this photo of the bathroom in the Owner’s Suite:

Bathroom built for 2 Le Soleal Johanna Read TravelEater.net small

Owner’s Suite bathroom with hot tub for two — Ponant’s Le Soléal

More of my writing for New Jetsetters:

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