Hong Kong layover


Just a typical medicinal product shop in Hong Kong

If you travel anywhere in Asia, you’ll most likely go through Hong Kong.

This is particularly true if you’re Canadian, as Hong Kong is a major Asian hub for Air Canada. If you’re flying all that way, I’d highly recommend Air Canada’s premium economy service. Read about it in my article for Talk Travel, a travel trade magazine — Refreshed and energized with Air Canada’s premium economy.

Hong Kong is a fabulous place for a layover (though the longer the better!). My layover was only about 18 hours, but I managed to see quite a lot.


A surprise birthday cake! That’s fellow travel writer Karen Kwan beside me. Thanks to photographer Virginia Macdonald for making me look half decent after an overnight flight!

The ideal thing is to stay overnight at the airport. At the Regal Airport Hotel you can check in almost as soon as your luggage comes off the carousel. You’re minutes away from a shower with L’Occitane amenities, delicious food, a swim in one of their pools, and a quiet sleep on their super comfortable beds in soundproofed rooms (more on the Regal Airport Hotel and their sister hotel in Kowloon).

If you’re lucky, like me, you’ll even be able to celebrate your birthday at the Regal (thanks to Hong Kong Airlines for hosting the dinner!)


Thanks to the Regal Kowloon for these fabulous birthday treats! Check out that chocolate butterfly!

Once you’re feeling alert again, take a run downtown for a quick tour, for example in Kowloon to see the busy streets, shops, and Hong Kong’s gorgeous waterfront.

You won’t need to lug your bags because the Regal is holding on to them for you at the airport! They’ll even bring them to your check-in counter for you.

More reports on my latest China adventures are to come. After Hong Kong, we flew with Hong Kong Airlines to Fujian province and then saw Jiangxi. Fabulous tea culture, spectacular mountains and lots more … stay tuned!


Lots of traffic despite the rain


Note: My trip was hosted by the China National Tourism Office, Air Canada, Hong Kong Airlines, and Regal Hotels but none of these organizations reviewed or approved my articles. 



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