Vancouver: When nature swims into the city

beluga Vancouver Aquarium Johanna Read

This beluga is in the Vancouver Aquarium; you’ve got to go much further north and east from Vancouver to see them in the wild!

I’m just back from a press trip to Cuba (more on that to come!) and so happy to be back in my gorgeous adopted hometown, Vancouver.

While I wrote this way back in summer 2015, my article When nature swims into the city was published last week with Travel With Kat (while I was talking to the fishies in the Caribbean Sea). The article is about all the wild animals that we can easily see in Vancouver, including the #DowntownDeer phenomenon of last summer (yup, he got his own hashtag).

What animals can you see where you live?

inukshuk West End Vancouver Johanna Read

A few months ago, a grey whale spent more than a week in the city including swimming around the Inuksuk in False Creek



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