How to Buenos Aires

Decor in Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

Decor in Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

While Buenos Aires — the Paris of South America — is very similar to Europe in many ways, there are some unexpected differences.

You know you’ll need to speak Spanish there, but did you know that you pronounce several key words — like the word for “chicken” — completely differently?

And you know you’ll need to exchange money, but did you know that the blue rate is no longer the deal it once was, but that you’ll need to bring US 50s and 100s, rather than 20s, to exchange?

In my A wayward weekend in Buenos Aires, Argentina article, for The Wayward Post, I explain some need-to-know tips for travelling in Buenos Aires, plus give you travel advice about how to enjoy this fabulous city of protests in a sustainable way. No matter what you plan for your trip there, a meal at UCO can’t be missed!

More articles are on the Argentina destination page.

Have you been to Buenos Aires?  What did you like best?

The presidential (and Evita's) balcony, Casa Rosada. Photo by Johanna Read small pic

The balcony at the Casa Rosada, where the President speaks to citizens and from which Madonna sang (and where I saw staffers posing for selfies)


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